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Palmer Williams Jr.

Can a Woman Make a Man Lose His Mind?

a theatrical collaboration by playwrights Palmer Williams Jr. and Adrian Dukes

This inspirational musical examines the struggles between good and evil in the life and decisions offered to the main character Brian, a God fearing upstanding brother. He is blessed with a melodious voice that he dreams of using to glorify the Lord however, Satin his girlfriend/manager has intentions to lure him away from this dream with the promises of fame and riches. Bryan' s mother sends the daughter of an old friend, Annie-Ruth, to stay with her son in hopes of reminding him of his biblically based values, who becomes another target for destruction by Satin. Brian's  best friend, Tyrus, attempts to show him the downward spiral he is headed in while still being supportive. 
What a dilemma... Brian's conflict increases when offered a record deal. Will he take it or listen to the voice of God and walk away from worldly desires as a victor in Christ.

The cast for this production was comprised of recording artist Dave Hollister, Carl Payne of the long running now in syndication "Martin" most recently WB's "Rock Me Baby". Gospel artist, Desmond Pringle; recording artist, Jackie Clark-Chisolm of the legendary Clarke sisters, and Eric Williams formerly of the singing entourage "Blackstreet".
This all star ensemble masterfully illustrated how easily a tormented soul not firmly planted in the Lord can be enticed by the temptations of the world.