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Palmer Williams Jr.

'til Death Do Us Part?


written by Palmer Williams Jr.

This inspiring and awesome play features the story of the Rhodes family! Under the covering of God and the same roof are two adult children, a 29 year old son and a 25 year old daughter with their God fearing parents Mr and Mrs Rhodes (36 years married). This "dramedy" deals with the issues of getting and staying married, the opinions that people have about marriage and the distractions during engagement the bride and groom deal with from the opposite sex (Oh Lawd!).  Palmer Williams Jr. takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride from fear, reluctance and stress to delight, happiness and hope for the endless joy a marriage can bring. You won't want to leave your seat as the story unfolds!

The spectacular cast for this phenomenal and insightful production included Leslie Pace of the Anointed Pace Sisters, Keith "Wonder Boy" Johnson, DeWayne Woods from Atlantic Starr, David Tolliver with Men at Large and Isaac Currie one of the "Men of Standard."