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Palmer Williams Jr.

What a Man Wants, What a Woman Needs!

Inspired by Bishop Eddie Long's best selling book "I Don't Want Delilah I Need You."

In this prolific and revelation filled story Samuel Jackson is an entrepeneur, father and husband ( in that order of priority). His wife, Ernestine, is more committed to the latest trends or sales, keeping up with the Jones than her husband and family. The plot thickens with the entrance of "Delita", a temptress sent to take Samuel down and everything he has worked to build. This story deals with issues faced by everyday couples and it brings to light "What a Man Mants and What a Women Needs" to keep a family together in GOD's will. This play is brilliantly anointed and "Highly Favored" by viewers and GOD!!!

This play was presented by Bishop Long and Palmer Williams Jr. featuring the unprecedented talent of gospel vocalist, Shirley Murdock, D'wayne Woods from Atlantic Starr, Godfrey King, L.A. Face recording artist, Sam Salter, Jill Rock Jones, Keith "Wonderboy" Johnson, Apollo legend, David Peaston and Leon "Mama's Boy" Parham.